PAULA ROLAND'S WORKSHOPS are a catalyst for exciting and unique possibilities in encaustic. Those who work with her have been able to enliven and free-up their art, identify goals, and add fresh ideas to their studio practice.

THE ENCAUSTIC MONOTYPE is an innovative, freeing process and a painterly approach to printmaking. Encaustic (pigmented wax) is used in stick-form to draw upon a heated metal plate (we use the specially designed Roland HOTbox™). The wax melts instantly and may be further manipulated with brushes or tools. The molten image is transferred from plate to paper by absorption and gentle hand pressure (no press!). Works may be over-printed, combined with other media, collaged, over-painted with encaustic, and much more. Encaustic prints are easy to handle, transport, and store. Classes consist of freeing exercises and clear demos interspersed with ample time to work. Paula presents a wealth of technical and aesthetic information, including ways to frame prints or display free-hanging works on paper.
Additional unique classes in encaustic painting, carbon media, (graphite, ink, etc. + wax), mark-making, and intermediate/advanced levels  encaustic monotype and painting are offered. TESTIMONIALS

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