Rent the Studio

All info is tentative. Check with me later!


The encaustic studio is available to rent. Rental does not include supplies, or consultations.


  • Rent a work space approximately 10 x 10, with 2 tables and wall space of 10 linear feet. This includes use of a Double HOTbox (22" x 32" plate image) and use of other appliances including griddles, heat gun or torch, other electric pans.

  • Rent the large 700sf room by the day to use for personal work, workshops, or for an event. Includes use of equipment including HOTbox Grande.
    The studio is an excellent place for a  Pop-up show or to show your work to a gallerist or collectors.
  • Rent the large 700sf room by the week. Includes use of equipment. Available 24 hours.

Contact Paula for additional information.


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