HOTbox™ Single Set-up

    • All HOTboxes™ are “modular”, i.e., the same size: 16" x 22" x 6.25"
    • To work larger, place two or four HOTboxes™ together and use a larger plate to span them and create a continuous printing surface.
    • Order a Single (1), Double (2), or PRO HOTbox™ (4) set-up and you will get the plate as well.
    • Plates come in three sizes corresponding with HOTbox™ configuration: 16" x 22" (fits a single HOTbox™); 22" x 32" (fits double); and 32" x 44" (fits the PRO Set-up of four HOTboxes™).
    • Plates may be ordered separately from the HOTbox™ if you want additional ones.
    • A single HOTbox™ may be ordered without the plate set-up, so you may add to your existing configuration.
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